What We do

We are a group of Open Source Enthusiasts who focus on something more preliminary and relevant, ”A Love for Coding”.
Every year KOSS plans to hold events for familiarizing students with UNIX tools, Linux environment, Git Development Workflow,
practice Algorithms and Data Structures, besides conducting workshops on GUI programming, Web development,
Android application Development and Hackathons.

Technical Workshops

KOSS organizes various workshops and seminars in the campus in order to continue the healthy culture of Technology and Open Source.

We organised the workshop on Applied CS with Android, under the Google Programme. We also organised a workshop on Scratch language, which mainly focussed on game designing. To get the people updated with latest improvements in the technical world, last year we organised a workshop on 3D Printing.

Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code is a global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development.

In the month of January, we organised an Introductory Seminar for the freshers to get to know about this prestigious program. This was followed by a Q&A where previous year participants answered to the queries of other students.

[email protected]

To build up a good community to contribute to Mozilla, KOSS (aka IIT Kharagpur Firefox Club) organized it’s first Event [email protected] KGP’.

The first day witnessed great participation with sessions on various topics like Webmaker and Localizers. The next day was focussed on Bugzilla and hands on for Webmakers and Localizers.


Hackathons are an important and rather valuable part of the coding culture. It promotes the spirit of code sprints and as a reward provides the ultimate pleasure of building something good.

Till date, KOSS has organised two hackathons, under Google and Flipkart. Both of them were centered at building an Android app within 24 hours. The event witnessed huge participation from students of all years.

[email protected] aka HTML 1.0

Its the autumn semester and the campus is bustling with freshmens. We took this opportunity to introduce them to Firefox club and have a small maker party on 19 August, 2014.

The event started with the introduction of the club followed by a workshop on HTML. We introduced webmaker tools like thimble and x-ray goggles to the participants and also opened the thimbles so made up for submission.