Kharagpur Open Source Society

We are a group of Open Source Enthusiasts who focus on something more preliminary and relevant, ”A Love for Coding”.

Every year KOSS plans to hold events for familiarizing students with UNIX tools, Linux environment, Git Development Workflow, practice Algorithms and Data Structures, besides conducting workshops on GUI programming, Web development, Android application Development and Hackathons.


Recent Events

Here at Kharagpur Open Source Society (aka KOSS) we conduct events throught the year for promoting awarness towards Open Source tools and technologies. Almost all of our events recieve huge turnouts and are a great success.

Below is the list of our recent and upcoming events.

GSoC Seminar

Introductory Google Summer of Code seminar

Git Workshop

Event for introducing git to newbies

Ubuntu Install Fest

An event for installing linux on freshmen's laptop